Become an accredited EcoTrus installer and use our system to sell your own loft conversions!

Ecoloft are the structure specialist you’ve been searching for, enabling you to concentrate on your expertise. We work for you, you liaise with your client as a seamless white labelled solution.

Are you a builder with limited loft conversion experience but have a client requesting this service? GREAT! We now work with all trades and can complete the loft conversion for you faster and cheaper than traditional methods – you can then focus on the second fix of your loft conversion e.g plumbing, plastering and electrics. We also offer a turn key solution if required and you can quite easily jump on or off the conversion at any stage you see fit.

EcoLoft have been working with loft conversion companies for many years. We have developed a new system which means we can provide a faster, more cost effective loft conversion which can be shipped out to tradesmen up and down the country.

Our new system (EcoTrus) now makes these ties even stronger by working with local trades people as part of our loft conversion process. We can drop in and drop out of your loft conversion build at key stages meaning you can take control of WHAT YOU ARE GOOD AT!

We provide the structure, ventilation, insulation and flooring so you can focus on what matters to you – Building your room! We complete building control for the project and complete the build journey all the way through to second fix.

With most of our Velux loft conversions being completed in 1 week and dormer conversions completed in 2 – you can focus on finishing your loft knowing that the structure is intact – leaving you with a faster loft conversion and more time to complete more jobs.

EcoLoft provide all trade alliances with technical support and training should it be needed with dedicated training teams. You can then become an accredited EcoTrus installer.

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